How to Quickly Sell Your Manufactured Home to a Cash Buyer or Investor

How Can You Get an Instant Offer?

In  today’s  hot  real  estate  market,  it’s  tempting  to  quickly  sell your  manufactured home (also known as mobile home) to a cash buyer or investor.  Instant offers may seem easier and more beneficial to you as the seller. While there are many benefits to selling your manufactured home this way, there are also some negative aspects. Here are pros and cons:

Pros of Selling to a Cash Buyer or Investor

  • Cash  purchases  of  used  mobile  homes for sale typically close faster than traditional manufactured home purchases. They don’t require qualifications from banks, time for mortgage underwriting, and property inspection. In addition, they provide mail-away closings, which are great for out-of-state purchases. 
  • There are usually no  commissions  paid  to a buyer’s or seller’s agent, which saves a great deal of money. Plus, there is no need to hire a dealer. 
  • Investors  and  professional  mobile  home  buyers  typically  buy the home as-is (normally, there won’t be an appraisal.) As the seller, this means that you don’t need to worry about repairs, inspections, or other additional expenses before closing. 
  • You won’t be inconvenienced by showings, having to constantly rush back to your mobile home community from work, nor will you need to keep your home sparkling. 
  • Investors  and  professional  mobile  home  buyers  normally  give more time for moving out. This alleviates a lot of stress, gives you more time to relocate, and lets you find other mobile home lots for rent or mobile home lots for sale.

When  you sell to an investor or professional mobile home buyer, the process is very straightforward. Usually, the process is shortened, there are fewer legal risks, and the contracts are very clear.

Cons of Selling to a Cash Buyer or Investor

  • A  cash  buyer  will be in the minority of buyers who contact you. Anyone who is willing to pay cash has their pick of any mobile home, and has more room to negotiate. Therefore, these offers may be lower than others.
  • Cash buyers usually aren’t as thoroughly vetted as other buyers.

  • You  are  in  less control than if you sell your manufactured home for payments. Know the minimum amount you will accept for a fast cash sale.

You need to verify that the buyer has all of his or her funds available to close.

When  selling  your  manufactured  home in any situation, it is a much easier process if you own your home outright. Why? There is no lien or mortgage on the home. You can sell the title and add yourself as the lien holder.

To  sell your manufactured home quickly, it’s best to set an attractive price; a dealer or agent who has experience in local manufactured home sales can help.

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